Welcome to the Generosity Experiment


The goal of this experiment is generosity!

Tired of all the negative things on TV and the news everyday? So are we! That's why we decided to start this project.

  We want to show how easy it is to be generous every day. We're going to do this by giving simple ways to Be Generous with your time and money and the opportunity to Donate to charities that make the most use your donation. Being generous does not have to be difficult or even expensive.
We think that everyone's donation is equally powerful, whether you are extremely rich or very poor. We also want to show that by being selective of which Charities you donate your money too, you can ensure that the most good is done. To do this we are researching different international charities to see how much of your donation go to their charity work. We do not like seeing your donation being used on things that are unnecessary or wasteful.

  We know that you have the ability and by giving you some idea's and spreading the word, we can make a difference!

  Let's show the world we can be generous by using twitter and Facebook telling your friends how you were generous each day and share your thoughts with others who follow us as well.

  Show them how easy it can be done!


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